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Don't have an estimator on staff? Hire the estimating experts at Detec!

we offer Full-service blueprint estimating
& takeoff services

Quick Turnaround Times

Standard: 10 business days
Express: 5 business days

Custom Reports

Generate usage list reports and ship list reports

POS Integration

Detec generates a formatted POS file that you can import into your POS system


Customized take-off services for lumber & building material professionals

We’ll create a custom database, using your specific items and construction specs.

Then, we’ll perform all of your take-offs and return them to you in multiple report formats

No re-keying! We take care of everything.

(Custom database of SKU’s required for POS integration).

Why choose us

The key to this service is the ability to create custom templates based upon the building methods you use when doing take-offs.

For a one-time fee, DETEC will set up a custom database which contains your specific item numbers, phases, assemblies, and delivery loads. This allows us to send you a file that you can import into your POS system as a quote.

You may also choose to have the estimate completed using a generic database of parts. There is no set up charge if using a generic database.

We utilize Quick Quote estimating program to complete our estimates.

You can submit your plans and spec sheets through our Quick Quote online customer portal. This is a seamless way to submit, review plan status and receive the completed estimate. Generate your own reports and POS files with no additional fees.

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